Dating a sexually abused woman

07-Sep-2017 01:25

But, while a significant proportion of male abusers were victims themselves, there's evidence that relatively few sexually abused boys actually become abusers.

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Putting the experience into words is freeing for many men, whether they tell a loved one, a professional, a confidant, or simply write in a journal. Knowledgeable professionals can help, as can healing retreats, some 12-Step programs, and men's groups focused on victimization and masculinity. Gartner was a founder and is a Past President of Male Survivor: the National Organization against Male Sexual Victimization (

A homosexual boy may feel rushed into considering himself gay, or may hate his homosexuality because he believes it was caused by his abuse.

Whether boys are gay or straight, these manipulative introductions to sexuality can set lifetime patterns of exploitation and self-destructive behavior. They're not only painful for victims but also costly to our society.

Sexually abused boys are also troubled if they were aroused while being abused.

Teenagers are easily aroused, having little control over the hormones surging through their bodies.They may assert that they weren't abused, weren't hurt, or were in charge of what happened.